Online casino in Malaysia

Bingo in Malaysia

Online bingo in Malaysia: illegal, but not prosecuted

Bingo is quite popular amongst players, especially in the US. Muslims are not allowed to play in Malaysia due to Islamic laws, but everyone else can enjoy playing bingo legally. There are a couple of bingo halls available for players in the country. Despite gambling being legal, online gambling Malaysia is prohibited (and not just for Muslims). Therefore, there aren’t any online bingo halls offered in the country. Players can enjoy bingo in an offshore GDWON333 casino Malaysia, though, as they won’t be prosecuted.

Poker in Malaysia

Online poker in Malaysia: illegal, but not prosecuted


Poker is quite possibly the most popular form of gambling out there. The main reasons behind its ever growing popularity are the constant television broadcasts and regularly held national and world championships. Many would argue that poker is a game involving more skill than luck rather than the other way around. However, it is still played mostly in casinos around the world and counts as a form of gambling. Gambling is legal in Malaysia for non-Islamic citizens, so they can enjoy playing poker in land-baed establishments. Online gambling Malaysia is forbidden for all Malaysian citizens, though, but they won’t be prosecuted as of now. Therefore, many foreign online casinos accept players from Malaysia.

Sports betting in Malaysia

Online sports betting in Malaysia: illegal, but not prosecuted


The most popular sport in Malaysia is football. Other popular sports are badminton, tennis, squash, and horse riding to name a few. Malaysia has an official motorsport race track too, where Formula 1 races are held annually amongst other events. Sports betting is legal in Malaysia as long as the operator has proper licenses. Muslim citizens, however, are not allowed to involve themselves in any kinds of gambling due to Islamic laws. Online gambling Malaysia is forbidden for all citizens of Malaysia, not just for the Muslim population. Despite online gambling being illegal, players are not prosecuted. At least, there weren’t any cases involving online gambling as of yet.

Lottery in Malaysia

Online lottery in Malaysia: illegal, but not prosecuted

The lottery is arguably the most common form of gambling in the world. Most of the countries where gambling is legal has a national lottery. It is no different in Malaysia either. The lottery was a state monopoly till 1985 when it got privatized. The most popular lottery game in Malaysia is the Magnum 4D.

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