Review for Monkey Thunderbolt

Monkey Thunderbolt originated from an ancient story from China. A long time ago, ancient Chinese people believed that monkey was the only animal that could reach the sky. There was a competition among monkeys to find who will be the Thunderbolt King and control the world in 100 years. The first one reach the sky had to be the lightest. In the competition, all monkeys had to face with barriers and challenges that could make monkey move out of the way.

  1. Monkey Thunderbolt – Game Description:

Joining in the Monkey Thunderbolt, players will have unforgettable experiences as this slot game is really fun and attracts gamers by the big winning. In the race of GDWON333 which taken place every one thousand years, all monkeys have to pass a tough and strict training. There are only tenth son of each generation can achieve this surprising amazing race. At the start of the game, each of monkey have to find their own way to reach the top of the world and fight against the giant eagles. As the legendary story from China, only the lightest monkey win the competition. Playing the Monkey Thunderbolt, all you have to do is to make a bet on your preferred monkey, you also can predict which monkey will be runner up and is on top three. The bet panel is really sophisticated, gamers who play the Monkey Thunderbolt are allowed to lay combined bets with incredible odds.

  • Monkey Thunderbolt  – The Features:

Players just have only two minutes in each game. When there are only 10 second left, the countdown timers will produce the amazing sound so do not get distracted and embarrassed when the games is going to finish. Secondly, in the game, there are numerous table seats. Besides, players who play on the combined bets, they are likely to achieve a great winning which allowed by the complex bet panel.


When the jack pot is given, the Monkey Thunderbolt will create an attractive jackpot animation which the jackpot solider is showing. In order to have a closer approach, you can zoom-in to see each monkeys clearly. The following feature is that in each race, players will be given multi-awards. However, there are some occasion that birds can push down monkeys or monkey land is made of rope.

Playing Monkey Thunderbolt is now really convenient as the game is compatible to any desktop client or web browsers. The game has a pretty sophisticated algorithm, however, it can get a lot of money and profits to the casino owner.

  • Monkey Thunderbolt – Tips To Play

As the capital in Monkey Thunderbolt is RM100, therefore, firstly, you have to place RM100 for every bet. Bear in mind four steps when playing:

Firstly, you have to aim to RM100.

Secondly, put the bet of RM1 at the lantern RM100, RM125 and RM175 and you should go on betting to win, on average, 15 times of continuous betting in a game.

Thirdly, do these steps above again and again till you hit one of your bets. For instance, if you won RM100 already, you can win RM100 again. If you have done at the Step 3, follow our tips as the opportunity to win will be higher and then, let’s move to Step 4.

Last but not least, if you have done three tips already, you can put on bet on any level such as RM2 RM3, RM4…

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